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Media Relations Training with Jeff Tippett

There’s a crisis in your organization. The phone rings. It’s a reporter. Here’s your chance to control the narrative and put a positive spin on the story. But you’ve never talked with a reporter before… Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Throughout my career in public relations, I’ve helped members of large and small organizations prepare […]

The Grassroots Campaigns… Where it all started

On December 4, 2014, the City of Raleigh served a resident a zoning violation with the threat of a $500 per day fine. What was the offense? Listing a spare room on Airbnb’s website. It was clear; a grassroots campaign was needed to protect Raleigh’s entrepreneurial spirit. Jeff Tippet of Targeted Persuasion was brought in […]

PR 101- Civic Engagement

How does the general public view your industry? Do some members of the public have a negative or lukewarm feeling of your business? You can change this through civic engagement and a good public relations strategy. There are a number of ways to do this, but the goal is to put a friendly face on […]

PR 101 – The Power of HubSpot

Feeling overwhelmed trying to manage your social media and inbound marketing strategies? In the PR world, sometimes you need a helping hand. That’s why this post is dedicated to explaining the virtues of HubSpot. HubSpot offers a suite of tools that will help optimize your inbound marketing and salesforce efforts. Check out this in-depth video […]

PR 101 – How to Handle a PR Crisis

Unfortunately, it’s not a matter of if, but when… A PR crisis can be a headache for management, but even if it wasn’t your fault, it’s your job to fix it. Whether it was an internal gaff or an unfortunate external circumstance, you should be ready to deal with all sorts of crises that may […]

PR Lessons from The Super Bowl

Watching the Super Bowl for the commercials is so 2008. It’s 2018 and instead of commercials, the most memorable marketing moves came from the events that big brands put on around downtown Minneapolis. Some of the best events from this past week include: Ford Tough Sleigh Ride – Fans were able to take a ride […]