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Granny Flats – The Abstract

Introduction In early 2019, it was clear that the Raleigh City Council was approaching a watershed moment. The incumbent, popular mayor decided against reelection. Numerous, serious candidates were creating committees and beginning to fundraise. Our client, the Triangle Government Alliance, conducted a poll to take the temperature of the electorate. It was clear that, though […]

APT Case Study

Background One of the pervading themes in the Raleigh municipal elections for 2019 was the divide between those candidates interested in slowing growth and those interested in tackling the issue head-on. The Raleigh area sees a net growth rate of about 60 new people per day; it’s less a question of “How do we slow […]

Granny Flats Case Study

Introduction Raleigh functions as a City Council, with seven councilors and one mayor. Two councilors are elected at-large, along with the mayor. The other five seats have discrete districts. In the at-large race, the top two vote-getters win the seats. Candidates must capture a majority or else the runner-up can request a runoff. In the […]

Three Tools to Improve Social Media

Three Tools to Improve Social Media In the last blog post, we went through the prominent social media sites and unpacked some key differences between them, including the best practices for each and the demographic breakdown of their respective users. Now that you know what Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are more deeply, and how they […]

How to Maximize Your Presence Online in 2019

How to Maximize Your Presence Online in 2019 Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash Nowadays, if you don’t have a presence online, a substantial number of people may never see your business, candidacy or campaign. In 2019, the question is not whether or not you should have social media — it’s how much time you spend perfecting it. […]