Raleigh Political Strategist and Business Leader Launches New Digital Company

New digital agency helps political campaigns, advocacy groups, and business find their targets online. And then persuade them.

Raleigh, NC – October 2, 2014. Jeff Tippett, a Raleigh political strategist and business leader, has launched a new company, Targeted Persuasion. The company helps political campaigns, advocacy groups, and businesses find their target markets online. But beyond just finding those markets, Targeted Persuasion creates assets designed to persuade.

Whether qualified by voting frequency, political affiliation, gender, ethnicity, geography, income, or a numerous other data points, voter files are cookie matched though a patented technology. Using big data, the company can identify what the target ‘looks like.’ Through a large online buying platform, ads are served directly to the identified market. These ads could be display, social, or video.

This same approach is taken for businesses that need to identify and persuade customers or clients. For example, identifying consumers with car leases ending can be a valuable asset to a new car sales or leasing team. With over 140,000 data points, most industries can find their target market.

Because of the targeted approach there is less waste in online media buys leading to a better return on investment. In addition, watching ad performance in near real time allows for constant optimization and increased performance. The integration of voter files, big data, and a large ad buying platforms along with experience with content that persuades, sets Targeted Persuasion apart from similar companies.

Quote from Jeff Tippett:

“Most political campaigns and businesses don’t realize that we can identify their persuadable universes online. We no longer target websites or keywords; we target the exact voters that can help the campaign win the election. But it’s more than just targeted. Our creative helps persuade. What good is identifying these targets if you don’t persuade them?”