PR 101 – The Power of HubSpot

Feeling overwhelmed trying to manage your social media and inbound marketing strategies? In the PR world, sometimes you need a helping hand. That’s why this post is dedicated to explaining the virtues of HubSpot.

HubSpot offers a suite of tools that will help optimize your inbound marketing and salesforce efforts. Check out this in-depth video to learn more about their products or see below for a highlight of the most useful tools.

  • Websites through HubSpot
    If you already have a website, you can link it to the HubSpot tools through a simple setup process. If it is time to rebrand or launch your website, you can create one through their intuitive platform. They’ll even help move your current website onto the HubSpot platform.
  • Content Creation
    One of the biggest components of inbound marketing is being able to create content that brings ‘inbound’ traffic to your website. With their blog tool, HubSpot suggests how to optimize your content while you’re writing a post. This improves your ability to attract the ideal customer.
  • Campaign Management
    In addition to blog posts, campaigns can help you bring the right people to your website. Whether it’s an email, social media post, promotion, or a mix of everything, the campaign tool helps keep everything organized while simultaneously tracking performance and ROI.
  • Social Media Organization
    With this feature, you can control your social media accounts by being able to create posts and schedule them to go live across different accounts all within HubSpot. This feature then tracts performance, so you can make informed decisions moving forward.

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