You Need To Use This Old-School Marketing Trick

During the holiday season, standing out in a flood of marketing can be extremely difficult. Consumers are inundated with marketing emails and other forms of advertising throughout the month of December. That’s why you need to stand out from the noise.

Direct marketing through the mail is a good trick to have up your sleeve. A physical item that audiences can touch increases the likelihood of getting a return on your investment. In fact, according to the Direct Mail Association Factbook, the average success rate for direct mail is 4.4%, about 10 to 30 times higher than direct email marketing.

So, does it make sense to send mailers? Not every product or service does equally well through the mail. With direct mailing, you can target specific geographic zones that are close in proximity to your business.

For example, real estate is a good product to market geographically. You can target your mailings to neighborhoods that are in your price bracket, and close in proximity to your development. Other products that are predisposed to direct mail marketing are restaurants and events. Informing the community about your restaurant or event is easiest through a geographically targeted campaign.

When you are sending direct mail to your audience, you’ll want to take advantage of special occasions like the holidays. Throughout the month of December, you’ll be able to use holiday cheer in your marketing, and you can strategically place inserts for events and products. If you have a special deal, you should print that deal on an insert for your larger mailing. This way, the deal on the insert will jump off the page – literally!

One example is a direct mail campaign that Targeted Persuasion created. The developers of Hidden Lake wanted to draw potential home buyers into the community. Because of the nature of the real estate business, it can take a while for leads to convert. We sent multiple mailers to potential customers over the course of several weeks. ‘Drip’ campaigns like this have been proven to convert: sending one ad is good, but reminding potential customers about your product again and again can increase your customer base over time.

Our first mailer establishes what Hidden Lake looks like, where it is located, and outlines some amenities, all in a well-designed, attractive foldout.

In real estate, it is vital to get these potential buyers to come physically see the development and the homes. So, when December hit, we took advantage of the holidays. We created a marketing mailer for the drip campaign representing Hidden Lake, filled with holiday cheer.

The mailer is a thick, glossy foldout, filled with photos of snow-covered front lawns and holiday meals in pristine kitchens. It represents all that the holidays can be if you move into one of the homes at Hidden Lake.

And amidst the attractive photo spread, we attached an invitation to a holiday party held at the Hidden Lake clubhouse. The insert is pretty enough to place on the fridge or a bulletin board in a prospective buyer’s home.

With Christmas and New Year’s Day fast approaching, you’ll want to get started on creating your direct mail campaign today. It takes time to design, print, and physically distribute mailers, so the time is now.