Top 5 Brands to Follow on Instagram this December

As we begin our countdown to the holidays, so do brands. Vying for eyes in a saturated market, holiday marketing campaigns must stand out in a big way. To get that engagement, brands need a fun, festive, and cohesive plan for their holiday marketing.

We’ve highlighted five of the top brands to follow on Instagram this December. Because who can resist puppies and delicious recipes?

1. Starbucks

Starbucks has done a fabulous job positioning themselves as the most festive coffee company around. Their viral holiday cups are a big deal, and a large amount of their holiday marketing plan centers on posting pictures of their seasonal drinks in the holiday cups, not to mention the cozy aesthetic they cultivate.

2. Food Network

The time for food to shine is during the holidays, and Food Network knows it. Their marketing plan involves lots of how-tos and recipes for seasonal meals and desserts. Having recipes of the day guarantees engagement from fans who follow the brand on Instagram.

3. LL. Bean

LL. Bean is a cult cold-weather apparel brand, but their marketing strategy on Instagram centers around adorable puppies. Cute animals are a guaranteed win on Instagram, and LL. Bean has the engagement to prove it.

4. Macy’s

During the winter, NYC turns into a holiday themed wonderland, and Macy’s wholeheartedly embraces this aesthetic with their holiday marketing. Beginning with the Thanksgiving Day Parade and running through Christmas, they have plenty of NYC-centric material to post on their social accounts.

5. J. Crew

J. Crew’s preppy aesthetic works well over the holiday season. Last year, their campaign featured “holiday pairs” of the day, highlighting two things and illustrating how they can work together. Each post featured a holiday-centric color palette as well, helping to continue the consistency.

Now that you know the best Instagram accounts to follow, you can fill your feed with holiday spirit, and maybe learn a little something about holiday marketing along the way!